Our Purpose

Lockwood Lawns began in 2017 with the purpose of eliminating the emissions produced by gasoline powered mowing equipment. We care about the environment first, because by taking care of the environment, we take care of our future. The best way for us to contribute is to provide our customers with a top quality, solar powered lawn service.




How we get our energy

August 2018

August 2018

Solar Source 1X

Solar Source 1X is our solar powered charging station. We utilize this charging station to convert light energy from the Sun into electricity. This electricity is then used to charge the batteries that power our battery-powered lawn equipment. This system enables us to operate using 100% emission-free mowing equipment.

April 2017

April 2017

Where we came from

Pictured above is our founder, Brad Lockwood, with Solar Source 1. This design was created solely from theory learned in his first year and a half of engineering courses taken at Penn State. Many issues were discovered during its heavy use throughout 2017.


Where we’re going

We aim to serve as many customers as possible in order to create the largest positive impact we can. For the 2019 mowing season, our goal is to actively serve 50 customers by August. This will require a charging station that produces over 3 times more energy than Solar Source 1X.