New Hire Application

We are presently seeking hard working individuals near the Leaders Heights, PA area to join our team. Our principles and applicant information form are below.


The Lockwood Lawns Principles

  1. Family first.

  2. Treat customers like family.

  3. Do everything within the bounds of making things better for humanity and making the planet a safer, happier and healthier place for all.

  4. Have audacious goals.

  5. Be radically honest and radically transparent.

  6. There is zero tolerance for dishonesty.

  7. The ability to work hard and pick yourself back up from a hard day is the most valuable ability in business and in life. Never ever give up.

  8. It is always day one. Never act as though you know something other people don’t. Always be pushing to be the best, no matter what.

  9. Treat customers as though they are smarter than you. Work alongside them to achieve a common goal. Don’t talk at them or toward them.

  10. Work comes before the belief in yourself.

  11. Utilize principle-plus-fact based decision making.

  12. Be customer obsessed.

  13. Create beauty in your work.

  14. Remember that rate of learning is more important than knowledge.

  15. Provide more value to others than what you expect in return.

  16. Limit the use of debt.

  17. Earn and invest money with the mindset of an intelligent investor.

  18. Be generous to one another when you can.


Applicant Information Form

If you can operate using these principles and want to join our team, please fill out the form below. If we are interested in having you we will contact you within three days. Thank you!

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